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  • Massage

    1 hour, €65.00

  • Facial

    1 hour, €65.00

  • Back,neck & shoulder massage

    30 minutes, €45.00

  • Pregnancy massage

    1 hour, €65.00

  • Indian head massage

    1 hour, €65.00

  • Hot stone massage

    45 minutes, €50.00

  • Mindful moments package

    1 hour 15 minutes, €80.00

  • Mini facial

    30 minutes, €45.00

  • Full body and Indian head massage

    1 hour 30 minutes, €80.00

  • Couples Package

    This is a package bought from living social, pigsback or groupon. Treatments are done one after the other in this package and the redemption code must be emailed or texted to the serenity suite on booking.

    2 hours, €99.00

  • Baby Massage

    This service is performed as part of a 5 week course either one to one, in a group setting or online. It involves taking time to connect and bond with your baby through nuturing touch. As well as this it also gives parents the opportunity to bond with other parents in safe and comfortable surroundings.

    1 hour, €40.00

  • Reiki Session

    Reiki is a holistic therapy that brings about healing on a physical,emotional,mental and spiritual level. This therapy uses gentle healing methods to channel energy through the body to reduce stress,restore balance and create a profound sense of well being. This is done through a thorough consultation process, dowsing and chakra balancing techniques.

    1 hour 15 minutes, €60.00

  • Reiki and Massage Treatment

    This treatment combines the healing energies of reiki with the physical benefits of massage in order to return your mind,body and spirit back to wholeness. 

    1 hour 30 minutes, €80.00

  • Chakra Balancing Massage Treatment.

    This treatment focuses on healing the mind,body and spirit through the connection to the chakra system. The treatment includes a chakra card pull in order to decide what chakra needs the most attention, followed by the selection of essential oil sprays specifically for the assistance of that chakra. With the use of essential oils a deep tissue back massage is performed, followed by a gentle arm, leg and foot massage. A head massage is then performed focusing on the main energy points in the face. Once the physical body is relaxed we move onto energy healing focused on each chakra and a gentle meditation for the client.

    1 hour 15 minutes, €70.00

  • Tarot Reading

    Tarot readings are a wonderful way to connect with your inner guide in order to help you on your path. Through guidance from the cards and spirit questions can be answered and guidance given in a safe and gentle way,with the focus being on the clients well being. It can be used for guidance on romance, life path, health, fertility, finances and so much more

    1 hour, €50.00

  • One Person Spa Day Package

    Back neck,shoulder massage, facial, leisure centre access and glass of Prosecco. Please provide voucher code if purchased through living social.

    1 hour, €55.00

  • Winter Warmer Package

    30 min hot stone massage and 15 min head or foot massage.

    45 minutes, €60.00

  • Mother To Be Package

    30 min facial and one hour pregnancy massage.

    1 hour 30 minutes, €85.00

  • Strawberries and Chocolate Body Scrub

    Chocolate body scrub followed by a chocolate mask application on the body and finished off with a relaxing massage with strawberry massage oil.

    1 hour 15 minutes, €60.00

  • 0 services selected

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